New paradigm of desktop 3D printing

Design, development & manufacturing of desktop 3D printers.

About Us

At Formon, we believe that making lies at the core of humanity and progress. It is what we humans do. Everyday we struggle to make something new and something better. Thats how we got out of the caves and built civilizations. That's how we are going to build the future.

Our Team

Rron Cena

Chief Executive Officer
Rron oversees all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission. Rron's other responsibilities are Product Design and Development.

Hasan Cana

Chief Technology Officer
Hasan leads the R&D Department. He oversees the Electronic Engineering and Software Engineering within the R&D Department. He is responsible for all the products engineering.

Arianit Zabergja

Chief Operating Officer
Arianit is the COO at Formon and oversees the organization’s ongoing operations and procedures, responsible for inspecting the efficiency of the business. He is accountable for supervising the company's Logistics, the Supply Chain Management and acts as a Quality Manager.

Drin Hadri

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Drin's main responsibility is planning and implementing promotional and sales strategies. He is also responsible for creating and curating all the promotional content.

Florian Piraj

Chief Production Officer
Florian is the main supervisor of the whole production and assembly process. He inspects the production quality; manages the assembly line and is responsible for the output quality.

Dren Hadri

Logistics Manager
Dren accomplishes business objectives by identifying and solving customer information and processing issues. He assists in the Operations department as well, by performing business operation duties in order to store and organize all manufacturing supplies.