Introducing Formon Core

A real plug-and-play 3D printer that makes for a magical 3D printing experience. Formon Core reveals the printed objects by opening upwards while printing the object layer by layer.

The Simplest Desktop 3D Printer

A true desktop 3D printer. Affordable and easy to use. Are you an artist? An architect? A designer or an eningeer? Then Formon Core is for you. Made to fit with any work setting. A must have device for your home or office desk.

Amazing Performance

Fast, quiet and high quality prints. Made specifically for speed, quality and ease of use. Getting your 3D printer to work and getting the quality right is no longer an issue.

Small Footprint

With a footprint of 30 cm x 30 cm you can place it anywhere without having to setup a special desk only for your 3D printer. Fits with any home or office environment.

WiFi Enabled

You dont have to carry any SD cards around. Simply send your file to print through WiFi directly from your device.

Auto Bed Leveling

No need to calibrate the print bed manually before every print. It automatically calibrates its position before any print process.

Incredible Print Quality

Dimensional accuracy and high quality prints starting with 90 microns or 0.09 mm layer height resolution, at speeds up to 80 mm/s with a total print area of 140 mm x 130 mm x 100 mm using 1.75 mm PLA Filament.

Meet Formon Scope

A software simple and intuitive as a photo editing app. Formon Scope allows you to prepare the 3D models for printing.

Effortless File Preparation

No need to experiment with any configurations, simply select what print quality you need and start printing.

Easiest File Transfer

Prepare your files for print easily transfer them to your printer using Formon Scope. Transfer through WiFi or USB to your device.

Plug and play. Easy to use. Affordable.

Get your personal or professional projects to the next level through the conveience and the magic of desktop 3D printing right at your own desk.

Watch the video

Create. Explore. Prototype.

Total design freedom. Zero tooling for prototyping. Reduce your prototyping lead time and costs. Made specifically for busy professionals, hardcore design and engineering hobbyists.

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Layer Resolution

High: 0.09 mm (90 micron) Medium: 0.21 mm (210 micron) Low: 0.3 mm (300 micron)

Build Volume

140 x 130 x 100 mm 5.51 x 5.15 x 3.95 in


PLA, 1.75 mm diameter


Single Extruder

Nozzle Diameter

0.4 mm (0.015 in)

Build Plate Leveling

Automatic leveling

Product Dimensions

300 x 300 x 215 mm 11.81 x 11.81 x 8.46 in

Nett Weight

6 kg

Shipping Box Dimensions

353 x 353 x 325 13.9 x 13.9 x 12.8 in

Shipping weight

7 kg

Ambient Operation Temperature

15° - 32° C (59° - 90° F)

Environment Temperature

0° - 32° C (32° - 90° F)

Nozzle Operation Temperature

180° - 230° C (356° - 446° F)

Nozzle Heat Up Time

< 2 min


Formon Scope, free print prepareation software

Supported OS

Windows and Mac OS

File Types

.stl / .obj

File Transfer

Wi-Fi, USB Port


DC Input 12V 6A 70 Watt maximum

Product Brochure

Download PDF

Quick Start Guide

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formon core

Formon Core


Formon Core comes with a spool of filament and the file preparation software Formon Scope.